I create space
for your heart

Fertility coaching


Reconnecting with how you feel may seem like a crazy idea.
It would have sounded crazy to me when I was on the emotional roller coaster of IVF. 

And yet that is what my fertility coaching is all about.
For me, the energy of how we feel is 
an important piece of the puzzle.

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused, exhausted or anything else not serving you,
I want you to know there is another way: 

a way that supports you with kindness and compassion. 

How would you like to feel?



Allow me to share my 6 years of IUI, IVF and FET experience with you. Research, insider tips, the ins and outs of protocols, what a procedure really feels like and what to expect.  


Emotions too often get brushed under the carpet. Together let's see how we can work with your emotions so you can find relief and feel empowered.   


Your body is doing amazing things on your fertility journey. Let's show it some love and compassion with self-care, a nourishing lifestyle and healthy habits.   


Your complete self includes your spirit or your inner essence. How you are doing deep down is part of the picture of your overall wellness, growth and blossoming. 

Tap into the supportive energy of how you would like to feel 

My years of infertility treatment were all-consuming.


My goal to conceive was all that counted to me. How I was feeling never got a look in. It was all about pushing forward, striving, doing.


Eventually, that stifling energy took its toll on me. 

My journey back to myself was a long one. But I learned the significance of getting in touch with the supportive energy of how I feel in my mind, body and spirit. 



When I was on my own fertility journey, I threw myself into research for years. It was the one aspect of my journey I thought I could control. As a fertility coach, I'd like you to feel informationally supported through my years of accumulated research and first-hand experience with 3 IUI cycles, 6 IVF cycles and 9 FETs in France and internationally.

My intention as your Holistic Fertility Coach is to provide a safe space where:


  • You can feel seen and heard
  • You can connect with how you feel
  • You can work with how you feel
  • You can establish a bubble of supportive energy 



My emotions were totally overlooked as I went through the stress of IVF. Which is why as a fertility coach, emotional support is a priority. My heart to heart technique helps you feel emotionally supported as you go through your fertility journey. I'm here to say that your emotional well-being matters as you strive to get pregnant.

Client feedback

You were the understanding heart I needed to support me through my fertility treatment. You were always there beside me to listen and guide me through how I was feeling whenever I needed. 

V. D.

With you as my holistic fertility coach, I finally felt like I could talk about my emotions without being pushed out the door. I always felt a sense of peace after our sessions. I couldn't have got through my IVF cycle without you. 

C. C.


If you have any questions that would help you decide if my coaching sessions are right for you, please send me an email.


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