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In a world where pushing to achieve is the norm, we often neglect how we feel. Yet how we feel has an effect on everything: from our mood to our motivation, mindset, self-talk, digestion, perspective, trust, choices, interactions.

Caring for how you feel is a softer, kinder, more compassionate way to move forward. It creates space for your heart and energetically paves the way for that next step.


What feelings would support you on your journey? Hope, reassurance, creativity, optimism, peace, calm, joy, determination, confidence? Getting in touch with the energy of feeling both empowers you and creates momentum.


Infertility had me on an emotional roller coaster for years and my overall wellness suffered greatly. Putting the pieces back together, I made the decision to become a Holistic Wellness and Fertility Coach, helping others like myself tap into the energy of supportive feelings. 


Creating space for your heart, I can support you with finding balance, coping with stress, developing inner peace, nourishing your whole self, slowing down, restoring self-esteem, boosting self-confidence or deepening self-reflection.


Are you heading into IUI, IVF or FET? Creating space for your heart, I can support you with preparing for doctors visits, getting clear on next steps, incorporating practical tips, understanding procedures and protocols, building up resilience, coping with stress, juggling hope and vulnerability, and trusting your instincts.

My intention as your Holistic Wellness and Fertility Coach is to provide a safe space where:


  • You can feel seen and heard
  • You can connect with how you feel
  • You can voice how you feel
  • You can process how you feel
  • You can lay the groundwork for your future path


What if leaning into feeling was the way forward?


My heart to heart technique puts the focus on leaning into feeling by coming back to your emotional well-being. The 5 steps include: Release, Remember, Renew, Reframe and Reignite.

Client feedback

I was so stressed because of work it was impacting my personal life. Our sessions helped me release my frustrations so I could start focusing on the joy in my life and expanding on that. 

S. T.

With you as my holistic fertility coach, I finally felt like I could talk about my emotions without being pushed out the door. I always felt a sense of peace after our sessions. I couldn't have got through my IVF cycle without you. 

C. C.

Learning to slow down, write out what I was feeling and take care of myself helped bring my confidence back. I feel so much calmer and ready for my exams. I now know what to do whenever I feel anxious.

B. N.

You were the understanding heart I needed to support me through my fertility treatment. You were always there beside me to listen and guide me through my emotions whenever I needed. 

V. D. 


If you have any questions that would help you decide if my coaching sessions are right for you, please send me an email at



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I am not a doctor or a psychologist. The support and guidance I give in coaching sessions and in any coaching materials is not intended to replace a medical professional's medical care and treatment. My work with you cannot and will not diagnose or treat any medical problem. For any healthcare decisions, advice from a medical specialist should be sought out.