How to start feeling good

Feeling good is often associated with success and achievement. That once we get what we want, we'll be happy. That once we get to where we want to be, we'll be deserving of feeling good. But what about the in-between time?

When we put all of our energy into the outcome, we often gloss over how we are feeling right now.

We push toward that end goal not caring about how we might be feeling in the moment.

It's like we are not allowing ourselves to feel any sense of relief until we are done. And until then, we just have to suck it up.

Yet feeling good as we work toward our goals helps with:

  • Recharging our batteries

  • Keeping us motivated

  • Tuning into our intuition

  • Elevating our mood

Taking care of how we feel replenishes us

Basically, putting how you feel first is a softer way of working toward something.

If your focus is mostly on your goal, I encourage you to check in with how you're doing. Not once you've reached your goal but now.

If you find yourself thinking, yeah, I'll do that later - I encourage you to catch yourself.

Bring yourself back into the present and tune into how you are feeling in this moment.

If you're feeling stressed, anxious and panicky, what if you could feel reassured, free and peaceful instead?

Or if you're feeling scared, disappointed and discouraged, what if you could feel comforted, hopeful and inspired instead?

How you feel has the ability to support you on the way to your goal. So why not use that to your advantage?

If you choose to work with me, we can see which holistic practices do you good.

We could try sophrology, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness-based stress reduction, mind-body connection, creative writing, and inner and outer nourishment. All based on connecting with your heart.

Other than these, there are many holistic practices out there. It's finding the right fit for you.

Tapping into how you feel opens the door to new possibilities

Coming back to how you feel opens the door to a new way of doing things. Where you're not always rushing to push forward or plodding on but rather taking action from a more heart-centred place.

Imagine if you started being mindful of how you're feeling.

Would you see things differently?

Would you think differently?

Would you take a different route?

Would you make different choices?

Would you interact differently?

As you ponder these questions, allow in the possibilities.

Doing things to bring you relief doesn't have to wait, it can begin whenever you want it to begin.


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