Mindful snacking on the go

What if mindfulness could be combined with snacking on the go? Mindful snacking is a way to momentarily step back from any worry or anxiety you might be experiencing during the course of your day.

So first, what is mindful snacking? It's taking the time to look at, smell, touch and taste what you are eating. What this does is give you a breather, a time-out of sorts from anything playing on your mind.

Mindful snacking is about slowing down and being in the present moment in time wherever you are

My favourite example of mindful snacking on the go is a tangerine:

>As I take a tangerine in my hands, I feel the smooth texture of its peel, look at its beautiful colour.

>As I start peeling it, I compare the roughness of the interior of the peel with the outside.

>Sometimes there's a fizzy sound as I dig into the peel if it's extra-juicy.

>The scent of the peel on my fingers smells zesty and fresh.

>I look at how juicy the tangerine segments look.

>As I break off each segment, it feels squishy and bouncy to the touch.

>I chew slowly and it tastes deliciously sunny and sweet.

>I salivate between each segment.

>I savour and enjoy.

It may not sound like much reading this, but putting it into practice is a different story.

Consciously eating like this shifts your focus immediately back to the enjoyment of the now.

Little pockets of mindfulness when you're out and about

I like to think of tangerines as little pockets of mindfulness that I can literally carry around with me.

If you're inspired by any other healthy snacks, those can all work too. Sweet, savoury, whatever you're in the mood for. As long as you can pull them out wherever you are and mindfully eat them.

So how to know you are mindfully eating? Well, if you are immersed in what you are doing, in the tasting and the enjoying, then good!

If your mind is worrying about your to-do list, it's time to switch things up. Maybe try a kiwi tomorrow. Or an avocado. Or peas in a pod. Or walnuts. Basically, any kind of healthy snack you enjoy that requires a bit of prep work.

This is a fun activity so keep it light, stay curious and see what snacks can keep you mindful. Then see how you can take them with you as little pockets of mindfulness.


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