The language of the heart

I'd never really thought about it before but the word 'heart' is used in multiple ways to describe feelings and emotions. The dictionary is full! Goes to show how extensively the word 'heart' is used in the language of the heart.

I began by looking up 'open-hearted' in the dictionary and quickly found many other examples of feelings expressed with the word 'heart'.

Heart is intertwined with our emotions

I looked up the following definitions using the suffix -hearted:

>Open-hearted: kind, loving and honest

>Big-hearted: kind and generous toward others

>Full-hearted: with great enthusiasm and commitment, full of sincere feeling

>Kind-hearted: kind and generous

>Tender-hearted: kind and sensitive

>Good-hearted: kind, generous and helpful

>Soft-hearted: kind and generous toward others

>Warm-hearted: friendly, kind and generous

>Lion-hearted: extremely brave

>Light-hearted: funny and not intending to be serious

>Half-hearted: done with no interest or enthusiasm

>Down-hearted: unhappy and having no hope, especially because of disappointment

>Heavy-hearted: very sad

>Broken-hearted: extremely sad

Then I found these expressions:

>To have a change of heart: to change one's mood or feeling

>To lose heart: to lose courage or enthusiasm

>From the heart: with sincere feeling

>To put one's heart into something: to become keenly involved in or committed to something

>One's heart's desire: something that one greatly wishes for

>Have a heart: be merciful

>At heart: one's real nature

>To take something to heart: to take something seriously and be affected by it

>To lose one's heart to: to fall in love with

>Close to one's heart: of deep interest and concern

>From the bottom of one's heart: very sincerely

>To have one's heart in the right place: to be sincere or well intentioned

>To wear one's heart on one's sleeve: to make one's feelings apparent

>In one's heart of hearts: one's inmost feelings

>To have a heart of gold: to have a generous nature

>To one's heart's content: to the full extent of one's desires

>With all one's heart: sincerely, completely

It's fascinating to see the word 'heart' used in so many different ways in the English language.

How is your heart feeling today?


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