What is emotional coaching?

My fertility coaching puts the focus on emotional well-being. My objective is to create a safe space where you feel seen, heard and understood. The scope of my coaching is guidance, support, practical tips and holistic practices.

Often when we are on our health journeys, there is a complete disconnect from emotions. It's all about getting things done.

I'm sorry to say that during our 5 years of fertility treatment, not one doctor asked me or my husband how we were doing emotionally.

"How are you doing? Would you like to talk about it?"

It doesn't take much. Yet such questions are not always forthcoming.

I realise that doctors are busy, that there's not always the time or level of comfort for more personal conversations. Which is why I now view holistic practitioners as a bridge between the medical and the more personal.

As a holistic fertility coach, my intention is to create space for the heart and provide gentle emotional support.

I'm a firm believer that how we feel can help support us on our journeys.

I feel it's important to say here that an emotional coach is not to be confused with a psychologist who analyses emotions and does therapy.

My way of seeing an emotional coach is moreso someone who is there every step of the way. Someone you can be real with and share your feelings with.

In my case, I'm here to accompany you, walk with you through emotions that come up, and guide you toward holistic practices that ease your mind, body and spirit.

Ultimately, I'm here to help you build momentum through feeling

Working with feelings might be surprising to some. Because often people shoo away feelings. Sometimes voicing feelings may even be taboo.

And yet how we feel has such a huge impact on our everyday lives. From our mood to our self-talk to our mindset to our decision-making.

So why not create a supportive emotional environment? An emotional environment that cares about how you feel?

With emotional well-being as my focus, I work with my heart to heart technique and 8 holistic coaching practices to build personalised, nurturing programs for my clients.

My approach is be a supportive presence. There's no pressure to feel anything a certain way, a certain time, for a certain duration.

On the contrary, our sessions are a time for you to be you. To express how you are doing, to take the time to process and to learn tools to help you find relief.

Everyone is unique just as everyone's journey is unique. So there is no one-size-fits-all guide to emotional coaching.

In my eyes, it's about providing the kind of support that feels right for the individual and making adjustments as time goes on.

If you're interested but still have doubts, I encourage you to discuss with your medical practitioner and family if emotional coaching might be beneficial for you.

If you would like to find out more about the scope of my coaching, please email me at leaningintofeeling@gmail.com.


If you have any questions that would help you decide if my coaching sessions are right for you, please send me an email.


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I am not a doctor or a psychologist. The support and guidance I give in coaching sessions and in any coaching materials is not intended to replace a medical professional's medical care and treatment. My work with you cannot and will not diagnose or treat any medical problem. For any healthcare decisions, advice from a medical specialist should be sought out.