What we can learn from ancient wisdom

Did your elders used to give you tips you used to make fun of or rebel against? Like not washing your hair before going out or wearing socks and slippers the second you got home? They may just have been onto something...

Our ancestors had many holistic tips to do with digestion, menstruation and overall wellness. These tips are now coming back into practice. In some cultures, they never left, always encouraged and reinforced by grandparents.

Ancient wisdom is making a comeback

I am always fascinated by old traditional and holistic practices that our ancestors truly believed in. Seeing them still used to this day goes to show how much we have to learn from the past.

Here are a few everyday good habits that ancient wisdom can teach us about overall wellness and nourishment. Specifically to keep the digestive fire going, prevent colds and keep cycles healthy.

Perhaps you are already intuitively doing a few. If so, how do they make you feel? And on days when you don't do them, do you feel any different?

Perhaps you don't usually believe in such things. If so, of course they're to be taken with a grain of salt. But what if they helped in some way. Would you be curious?

If any of the below resonate with you, I encourage you to explore more and/or experiment and see what might work for you. You never know.

Have fun with it and tune in to how you feel

  1. Not going to bed with wet hair

  2. Not going outside with wet hair

  3. Not air drying hair

  4. Not going out in the cold without a hat

  5. Wearing gloves in cold weather

  6. Wearing a scarf, even indoors

  7. Eating warm cooked foods, especially during period

  8. Drinking warm drinks or at least room temperature

  9. Not putting ice in drinks

  10. Not walking barefoot on cold tiles

  11. Keeping the abdomen and lower back warm with a blanket

  12. Wearing a vest/undershirt under clothes

  13. Wearing a sweater in the evenings

  14. Wearing a long coat in the winter

  15. Wearing socks and slippers

  16. Not sitting on cold surfaces without a cushion

  17. Not sitting on the ground outside

  18. Taking warm baths

  19. Using a heating pad on the abdomen

  20. Drinking warm tea after meals

From what I remember, my nana was into slippers, undershirts and not going outside with wet hair. I always used to roll my eyes. Time and getting older makes me look back and think, yep, my nana definitely knew what she was talking about.


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