Wellness coaching: the power of feeling

Do you have a wellness goal but don't know where to start?


Are you working toward a wellness goal and it's not going how you want?

On my own personal wellness journey, I learned that our emotions have a ripple effect on everything. If we feel discouraged, isolated, anxious or hopeless, it has an effect on our mood, motivation and mindset. So much so that we might even give up on our wellness goal.


This led me to the inspiration behind my wellness coaching:

  • To help you connect with how you feel

  • To work with your emotions

  • To identify therapeutic practices that are a good fit

  • To build momentum through the power of feeling

What is my wellness coaching like?

My approach is based on softening your journey with kindness and compassion.

Taking the time to care for how you feel is at the heart of my coaching. As is going at your own pace and honouring what you might be going through. 


As a wellness coach, I create space for your emotions and guide you toward therapeutic practices that feel right in the moment and over time. Tapping into the benefits of what eases your mind, body and spirit is a sustainable way to keep making progress.


My sessions begin with my heart to heart technique focused on leaning into feeling. In parallel, I develop a protocol tailored to your journey with different holistic coaching practices including sophrology, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness-based stress reduction, creative writing, and inner and outer nourishment.

Who is my wellness coaching for? 

Anyone seeking an open-hearted connection to help support them on their journey.

You might be in the process of making personal or professional changes, or wanting to shift your priorities, perspective or lifestyle. Perhaps you are looking for new ways to nourish yourself, listening to your heart and following your intuition. Or perhaps you feel it's time to take care of your emotional well-being.

Creating space for your heart, I can provide support with: 

  • Creating balance

  • Coping with stress

  • Developing inner peace

  • Nourishing your whole self

  • Slowing down

  • Restoring self-esteem

  • Boosting self-confidence

  • Deepening self-reflection

Ready to dive in?

Client feedback

I didn't know I needed emotional coaching until I found you. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my feelings and make the lifestyle changes I'd been dreaming of. 

P. K. 

I used to make fun of meditation and journalling. Now I do them every day to centre me. Working with a wellness coach has given me the confidence to create balance in my life again.

T. S.


If you have any questions that would help you decide if my coaching sessions are right for you, please send me an email at



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I am not a doctor or a psychologist. The support and guidance I give in coaching sessions and in any coaching materials is not intended to replace a medical professional's medical care and treatment. My work with you cannot and will not diagnose or treat any medical problem. For any healthcare decisions, advice from a medical specialist should be sought out.